Hot and Sour Chicken Soup

Hot and sour chicken soup

Hot and sour chicken soup

Hot and sour chicken soup is one of only a handful few soups that is considered as sound soup. This soup has numerous medical advantages and is generally utilized in winter to heat up our bodies to battle against Cold, Flu and Sore throat.

Hot and Sour chicken soup is a fiery soup made by utilizing some sound vegetables like carrot, mushroom, cabbage stewing in stock water and preparing with nippy sauce, salt pepper and tempered with vinegar. Spices like garlic, ginger, green stew and bamboo shoots are utilized. You can make either a non-vegan variant of this soup by adding chicken meat, pork. What’s more, vegan adaptation by utilizing cabbage, tofu, beans carrot, tomato and mushroom. Because of the utilization of green bean stew glue hot and red nippy sauce and acrid soup become hot.


Benefits of Hot and Sour Chicken Soup: –

  • Hot and sour chicken soup can heat up our bodies in winter and help to battle against cold and influenza indications.
  • Delicately cooking vegetables in hot and sour chicken soup offer fiber, minerals and nutrients. In some rendition of hot and sour chicken soup, Shitake mushroom is utilized which can bring down cholesterol and represses infections.
  • Ginger can possibly battle cold and fix sore throat because of its mitigating properties.
  • In fever you can take one bowl warm chicken hot and sour soup to get more energy and protein in addition to the fiber, minerals and nutrients.
  • These assistances our body to recuperate rapidly from fever too. So, it is a great idea to have chicken hot and sour soup in wiped out or in fever.


Ingredients to Make Hot and Sour Chicken Soup:

1-chicken breast piece

2-mushroom finely sliced

2-tsp julienne cabbage and carrots

1-tsp chopped tomato

½-tsp chopped ginger

½-tsp chopped garlic

¼-tsp green chili paste

¼-tsp chopped bamboo shoots

¼-tsp while pepper powder

1/3-tsp red chili sauce

½-tsp red chili paste

¼-tsp dark soya sauce

¼-tsp rice vinegar

Salt as per taste

1-tsp beaten egg


Instructions to Make Hot and Sour Chicken Soup:

  1. Cut the chicken breast into slender strips and slashed them finely. You can boil and slashed the chicken breast also.
  2. Warmth half tsp oil in a profound vessel container or wok and sauté garlic, ginger in high fire for 30 seconds.
  3. Add slashed tomatoes and sauté for an additional couple of moments.
  4. Further add the cleaved chicken and sauté for one moment or till delicate.
  5. Slow the fire to low and add the mushrooms and mix for some time.
  6. Blend the red cold glue and red crisp sauce and mix.
  7. Presently pour one cup water or low sodium chicken stock and stew.
  8. Add the cabbage and carrot cut, salt, bamboo shoots and white pepper powder. What’s more, stew for a moment.
  9. Pour corn flour slurry and mix to blend uniformly and stew.
  10. Presently add the dim soya sauce into the soup and stew.
  11. Check the flavoring and thickness of soup and pour a beaten egg round astute into the soup.
  12. Stew the soup for a moment and empty not many drops rice vinegar into the soup.
  13. Mix and sprinkle some cleaved coriander leaves and eliminate to serve.
I hope you like this Hot and Sour Chicken Soup! Thanks for sharing.


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